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205 65 R16 Car Summer tyres

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Dimension 205 65 R16: summer tyres for the middle class

They belong to the slightly larger dimensions 205 65 R16 summer tyres, and are particularly suitable for cars of the middle class. Many vehicles are equipped with these tyres on warm summer days safely go - and also in the rain when good aquaplaning characteristics must engage.

Sporty tyres for the middle class

The vehicle registration certificate gives information about which tyre sizes are suitable for your own car. 205 65 R16 summer tyres are a classic dimension for midrange PWK, although not quite as common as other dimensions, such as 205 55 R16 summer tyres . The tyres are 205 mm wide, the aspect ratio is 65 percent, the diameter of 16 inches. To include these Sommerpneus to the midsize tyres, no real wide tyres, yet very sporty tyres. According dynamically most models may also be driven, usually have an approval in the speed category H, delivering up to a pace of 210 km/h.

Summer tyres from all price segments

Among the 205 65 R16 summer tyres all price segments are represented. Motorists have thus the choice of whether they opt for more expensive models or brand tyres. Reliable performance in wet and dry conditions should be decisive for the decision. Directional profile with wide longitudinal grooves ensure good water drainage on wet roads, numerous cross blades are for a solid grip. A good balance between price and performance for example, offer Nankang summer tyres .

205 65 R16 summer tyres are versatile tyres for the warm season, suitable for mid-size cars and car wheel rims of 16 inch size . Motorists will find a wide range of different price segments.

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