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205 45 R17 Car Summer tyres

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205 45 R17 summer tyres: Balanced tyres for compact cars

205 45 R17 summer tyres are high-traction tyres from the group of the wide tyres. You are with their dimensions, however, on the border with normal tyres. Therefore, they offer the driver even here the typical advantages: lower fuel consumption and a reasonable ride comfort.

High rolling resistance for maximum grip

The driving properties of a tyre are greatly determined by its dimensions. Specifically, the width of the tread affected a number of important attributes as the braking and handling. The important thing is how much rolling resistance aufweißt a Pneu. The greater this is, the more traction, the car tyres . 205 45 R17 summer tyres generate through their tyre width a high rolling resistance. Especially on dry and wet asphalt, the tyres score therefore by traction strength, short braking distances and precise steering. At the same time the width of the tread is however chosen such that the tyre still achieved good results also in fuel consumption.

A sporty tyre series for fuel saver

205 45 R17 summer tyres are especially an excellent choice for car owners with a sporty driving style. This is also reflected in the tyre series Ecsta Le Sport KU39 manufacturer Kumho. The high-quality wide-base tyres are approved for maximum speeds of up to 300 km/h. The offer summer tyres Kumho excellent handling. In EU tyre label wet adhesion is accordingly in the best class: A. Compared to a vehicle with C tyres, the braking distance is in an emergency stop (80 km/h on a wet road surface) by up to 7 meters shorter. When fuel the Kumho tyres end up in the C class - also a good result.

205 45 R17 summer tyres are a blend of the most important characteristics of broad and standard tyres. They are high traction, have excellent handling characteristics and also consume little fuel. Then there is the pleasant driving comfort of the car tyres.

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