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205 45 R16: a summer tyre, the driving pleasure

That driver of a small car only narrower tyres prefer, is a thing of the past. Wide tyres with the dimensions 205 45 R16 summer tyres as are not only functionally represent an enrichment. Visually, these tyres may prove highlight on the streets.

The ride comfort for small runabouts

Whether Audi, VW, Fiat and BMW all car manufacturers produce small cars, corresponding to the engine power of the compact or middle class. The Make 205 45 R16 summer tyres as provides the high-powered speedsters a better grip when starting and accelerating out of corners, so drivers enjoy an elevated driving pleasure. The higher speed index this addition makes summer tyres (V 270 km/h over 240 km/h or W) for a smoother ride at high speeds on motorways. A ride comfort, which is given on wet and dry roads. In the tyre dimensions 205 45 R16 summer tyres as it is by no means a marginal group. At tyre market many models offered on various prices.

Saving is not worth it

A performed recently test of the magazine AutoBild but showing not all car tyres to withstand the necessary requirements. Unsurprisingly, the premium manufacturer established at the top of the field. The test winner was the Hankook Ventus S1 followed by Goodyear (Eagle F1 Asymmetric) and Pirelli (P Zero Nero). a significant difference to the low cost producers from the Far East especially in wet conditions could be observed. Long stopping distances, increase the danger on the road. Nevertheless, most tyre models were found to be more balanced and reliable companion.

the sporty driver of a powerful small car benefit from the Make 205 45 R16 than summer tyres. Consumer delight in a wide range that for every demand the right holds. Tests convince many car tyres with a balanced performance, which ensures a good grip in the most diverse weather conditions.

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