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205 40 R17 Car Summer tyres

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205 40 R17 summer tyres: positive characteristics of broad and standard tyres

Sporty driving fun for compact cars such as the Audi A3 or the Mercedes C-Class has a tyre size 205 40 R17 than summer tyres. Thanks to wide tread and low altitude convince the tyres through an exceptionally good traction on wet and dry asphalt. In addition, they are also optically very strongly by its 17-inch wheels.

Sporty through the summer

205 40 R17 summer tyres can be counted with the group of wide tyres, but are at the transition to normal tyres. By this fact, the feature car tyres over benefits of both groups. The emphasis is, however, clearly at the root disciplines of wide tyres: traction, handling and braking. convince in these areas 205 40 R17 summer tyres with superior results. At the same time also typical features smaller Normal tyres are available such as a high level of driving comfort. Visually, makes particularly the large inner diameter noticeable that for striking 17mm wheel is designed. This give the tyres of each vehicle a sporty appearance.

Strong performance in the wet adhesion

Equipped particularly strong and having an excellent wet grip belonging Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 5 as 205 40 R17 summer tyres at the best of its dimension. Thanks to well-balanced rubber compound with silica content and an effective groove slats profile the tyres reach the EU tyre label in the wet grip class A (AG). An absolute peak value that indicates how many meters less braking distance of the tyre in an emergency stop with 80 km/h has. On a wet road, for example, needs a class C Pneu up to 7 meters longer available to the vehicle.

Between broad and standard tyres are the 205 40 R17 summer tyres. Your benefits are excellent driving in rain and drought, a good driving comfort and a sporty look. It is recommended, inter alia, tyres series Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 5 in this size.

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