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Find Great copies of summer tyres with 195 mm width online

The summer tyres of the 195 class are considered very popular tyres for various vehicles. The dimensions and the weight of the tyre to ensure that they are used for example in small and medium-sized cars. Many well-known brands such as Michelin or Dunlop , who enjoy a high reputation worldwide, produce such tyres, so that a high level of quality, but also safe driving can be assured at all times.

For these vehicles, the 195er tyre width is

Winter and summer tyres in the 195-degree suitable for many different vehicles, especially for car models of small and medium car class. Also for certain off-road vehicles, the tyres may be used, however, the main field of application is smaller cars . In the summer tyre, the 195 is a millimeter indication of the tyre width - that is, the unloaded tyre is 195 mm wide at its widest point. Thanks to the standard size measurement are in this category also numerous wheels, which are also provided by renowned manufacturers available. Through a comparison can be wheels as tyre thereby take particular fair conditions to complete.

Typical characteristics of summer tyres with 195 mm width

Main features which stand out the summer tyres of the 195 class, represent the high load weight, a radial design and a unique design. The relatively small width, the 195er tyres mostly have a relatively high cross-section, resulting in a comfortable ride ,

Rounding off is to say that the summer tyres with 195 mm width to the most common in conventional cars, but also in off-road vehicles, used tyre sets include at all. This one benefited from other fair prices (thanks to the large range), due to numerous manufacturers, fabricate the summer tyres of this kind. The stylish design and high speed tolerance being made more explicit, since it is precisely the latter makes it possible to use the tyres for sports cars of small or middle class. Since numerous renowned tyre manufacturers produce these tyres, is also a high degree of safety with respect to handling and braking response - even in very wet conditions - guaranteed.

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