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195 70 R14 Car Summer tyres

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195 70 R14 Summer Tyres

The Summer Tyres 195 70 R14 are produced by many different brands each with their own list of specifications. Some features that they all have in common are one of the most fuel efficient tyres in the market. These are created using materials that improve fuel efficiency and wet driving performance. Everyone can buy 195 70 r14 summer tyres due to the easy on pocket 195 70 r14 summer tyres price.

Technology used in the manufacturing of 95 70 R14 Summer Tyres

These technologies work to increase the safety and longevity of the tyres so that the user can use them for longer periods of time. The braking performance is further improved and allows for great braking times when driving in wet areas. It produces changes that the driver feels with every drive.

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