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195 65 R16 Car Summer tyres

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195 65 R16 summer tyres: balanced tyres for small cars

195 65 R16 summer tyres have real all-round abilities and thus provide both a high degree of safety and driving comfort and low fuel consumption. The tyre size is an excellent choice especially for small cars such as VW Polo or Mini.

Little consumption, comfort

The driving characteristics of a car tyre are highly dependent on the size of the tyres. A wide tread ensures, for example for a large rolling resistance, which means greater traction. If the rolling resistance more moderate, even coat of the fuel consumption during vehicle. It is similar to the cross section of the tyre: A large cross-section leads to a more comfortable ride and a small improvement to a cornering stability. Balanced properties are therefore possible if the respective center is found - as in the case of 195 65 R16 summer tyres. The tyres are ideal for motorists who value good driveability in sun and rain, and at the same time without compromising on low fuel consumption and high driving comfort.

Good performance in every area - the summer tyres Nexen

A very good example of the balanced attributes of a 195 65 R16 summer tyres is the Nexen N BLUE ECO . In EU tyre label wet grip and energy efficiency in each case with the class C (AG) are marked. But in addition to the dimension and the rubber compound and tread pattern are responsible. Especially the latter provides on wet surface for more traction with its deep longitudinal grooves and pronounced lamellar structure. This water is under the summer tyres effectively diverted to the side, which is also the risk of aquaplaning greatly reduced.

Who is looking for balanced car tyres for its small or compact car, the 195 65 R16 summer tyres should take a closer look. Comfort, safety and energy efficiency are absolutely convincing. Pricewise the tyres between 50 and 150 euros.

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