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195 60 R14 summer tyres: comfortable tyres for compact and small cars

195 60 R14 summer tyres are an excellent choice for compact and small cars such as the VW Golf GTI or the Citroen C3. They are distinguished by their very good handling of dry and wet roads, as well as a pleasing amount of ride comfort.

Strong performance in traction, ride comfort and traction

In summer car tyres with wider tread a better grip than normal tyres narrow. For the larger footprint results in increased rolling resistance, which affects fuel consumption negatively. 195 60 R14 summer tyres manage to both keep consumption low as to reach maximum traction. The tread is chosen of width so that the ideal amount of rolling resistance is present. For more comfort, however, the tyre height is responsible. Here is: As higher the tyre, the higher the damping rubber layer he has, which ensures smooth running. In addition, the amount of rubber of which the tyre is also dependent on the inner diameter. Because the inner diameter is subtracted from the tyre height, as it forms a hollow space.

Popular high-speed tyres for summer

One of the best tyre model in size 195 60 R14 comes from Continental. It involves the Continental ContiPremiumContact . The tubeless high-speed tyres are marked in the EU tyre label for wet grip with Class B (AG). An excellent result, which only a few summer tyre is reached this dimension. The fuel economy performs well and is marked with the C class. The 195 60 R14 Continental summer tyres the speed index W (270 km/h).

Convenient and powerful alike - the 195 60 R14 summer tyres offer everything owners of small and compact cars expect excellent tyres. Cheap summer tyres of this size are available starting at 30 euros. Quality tyres of the premium manufacturers are against it between 150 and 200 euros.

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