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195 55 R16 Car Summer tyres

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195 55 R16 summer tyres: laufstarke tyres with very good handling characteristics

On the international tyre market a considerable range of 195 55 R16 summer tyres is offered. The popularity of the tyre size is mainly due to its balanced running characteristics and responsive ride. tyres that dimension are mainly used for sporting small and compact cars such as the Audi A1 or VW Golf GTI.

Even the ride comfort can convince

195 55 R16 summer tyres belong to the group of normal tyres, but have some of the attributes of tyischen wide tyres. They are high traction: which means that the engine power of the vehicle is effectively converted into acceleration. At the same time offer summer tyres but also an excellent braking performance in wet and dry roads. In addition, the steering is very accurate even at high speeds. Performance and safety thus form an ideal team. Unlike typical wide tyres, however, the 195 55 R16 summer tyres inspire by their comfort. Bumps on the asphalt takes the driver hardly notices and the external rolling noise on the low side. Optimal conditions for a safe and enjoyable summer drive.

A summer tyre which leaves little to be desired

A first-class summer tyres in the size 195 55 R16 is the Pirelli Cinturato P1 VERDE . The quality tyres can in the area wet grip and fuel consumption nothing to be desired. The road noise is the Pneu Pirelli that high-traction tyres need not be loud. On rainy summer days wide longitudinal grooves ensure the profile for maximum traction on wet roads. The water is transported efficiently over the grooves. In addition, the Pirelli Cinturato P1 VERDE remains long thanks to its enormous strength running its owner.

Short braking distances and precise handling make 195 55 R16 summer tyres, an excellent choice for vehicles in the small and compact cars.

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