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195 55 R15 summer tyres: Comfortable tyres for the small car and compact class

With the most popular car tyres for the warm days of the year 195 55 R15 summer tyres include their excellent driving characteristics, the low fuel consumption and good driving comfort they inspire many owners of small and compact cars.

Short braking distances and precise steering response

How well the handling or braking of a car tyre , it is determined among other things by the tyre size. It is a main factor tyre width, which in turn determines the size of the tread. With increasing running surface of the rolling resistance increases and thus also the grip of the tyres. However worsens with greater rolling resistance and energy efficiency. A good interim solution has the dimension 195 55 R15 than summer tyres. Here the tyre width is selected such that enough traction exists and the fuel consumption still small precipitates. This tyre size provides more safety and is also economical. 195 55 R15 summer tyres also inspire with a high level of driving comfort and good cornering stability.

Safe summer drive with the Runway Enduro 916 Plus

An excellent summer tyres of the dimension 195 55 R15 is the Runway Enduro 916 Plus . The Pneu cuts especially in driving performance on wet and dry asphalt with excellent results. In EU tyre label wet grip of the tyres with the class C (AG) is specified. In addition, the external rolling noise of summer tyres with 71 decibels are relatively low. The 195 55 R15 summer tyres Runway is designed for high performance cars, and has the speed index V (up to 240 km/h). Even at high speed, the unidirectional car tyres offer optimum handling and short braking distances. In addition, the tyres inspire with a great price-performance ratio.

195 55 R15 summer tyres are an excellent choice for motorists with a sporty driving style. The tyres provide anytime from a reliable performance and offer a comfortable ride.

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