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Dimension 185 70 R14: Very popular in the summer tyre segment

Given the wide range of different 185 70 R14 summer tyres, it is not difficult to find a suitable and highly regarded premium Pneu in this area. This tyre size is offered by many well-known manufacturers, so that all wishes and ideas can be served.

High environmental performance and low rolling resistance

Manufacturers such as Semperit, Fulda or Hankook lead 185 70 R14-wide summer tyres in its range. This also applies to the French global corporation Michelin , of a highly acclaimed model introduces the Energy Saver Plus GRNX which is impressive in every respect. So stands this 185 70 R14er summer tyres with its high environmental performance and low rolling resistance, which makes the tyre very economical and durable. This has been repeatedly confirmed in tests in which the tyre was cut excellently made by Michelin. Thanks to the excellent Grips and excellent handling can also benefit from a high level of driving stability and a comprehensive security.

Low rolling noise and good traction

This good overall performance is also the Cinturato P4 Ecoimpact of Pirelli in every way. This summer tyre from the Italian manufacturer convinces with its elaborately designed tread pattern, which allows in addition to a very good traction a high grip and safe handling. In addition, you can look forward as a driver through the low rolling noise of this model, so that the comfort is not neglected especially at longer distances.

All the major manufacturers now carry high-quality, high-performance 185 70 R14 summer tyres in its range. Winner as the Energy Saver Plus GRNX from Michelin or Pirelli Cinturato P4 Ecoimpact bribe for example, with its high environmental friendliness and strong overall performance, so that one is even in adverse weather and road conditions very safe and very comfortable on the road.

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