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185 55 R15 Car Summer tyres

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The dimension 185 55 R15 summer tyres as: Maximum driving safety for compact and small cars

185 55 R15 summer tyres by virtue of his measurements on low fuel consumption and a high level of comfort. The width of the tread also creates a good grip on dry and wet asphalt, which traction, handling and braking positively influenced.

Good energy efficiency and comfort

The dimension 185 55 R15 summer tyres than is specifically for vehicles in the small and compact car an excellent choice. Motorists with the desire for energy-efficient tyres for safe driving comfort are well advised with this car tyres. This is due to the tyre width of 185 millimeters, which ensures optimal rolling resistance. This is large enough to ensure a high level of traction while not too large, otherwise the fuel consumption suffers. Because with increasing rolling resistance falls the energy efficiency of the car tyre and the vehicle requires more fuel. For a good mix of cornering stability and ride comfort also ensures the ideal tyre height of 185 55 R15 summer tyres.

Award winner in the dimension 185 55 R15 range

One of the best series in the 185 55 R15-dimensional region are the summer tyres Dunlop Sport BluResponse . Several times the tyres were chosen as the winner, for example in the magazines "Auto Zeitung" and "Auto Bild". The reasons for this are, among other things in the very good wet grip of the tyres, which is characterized in the EU tyre label with Class A (AG). A safe driving in rain and sunshine is guaranteed. The fuel economy is relatively small and is indicated by the C class. Also convincing: the low external rolling noise of the Dunlop Sport BluResponse which provide extra comfort. As 185 55 R15 summer tyres Dunlop tyres have a speed index of V (240 km/h).

With the tyre size 185 55 R15 summer tyres as buyers obtain a reliable tyre for compact and small cars. The tyres offer excellent handling, comfort and low fuel consumption. Being a summer tyre series Dunlop Sport BluResponse on top fall nor the external rolling noise of low.

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