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185 55 R14 Car Summer tyres

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The dimensions 185 55 R14 summer tyres as: Economic Pneus for compact and small cars

The size 185 55 R14 summer tyres as distinguished by good handling characteristics on dry and wet roads, as well as low fuel consumption. On the topic of driving comfort, the tyres can convince by smooth running and low rolling noise.

Different advantages of the 185 55 R14 summer tyres

Many well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin or Hankook offer their tyre model in size 185 55 R14. There are versatile reasons: For example, the tyre width for a moderate rolling resistance, which on the one hand a good grip ensures due and on the other keeps fuel consumption low. During heavy rainfall, the smaller tread this has tyre size also has the advantage that the risk of aquaplaning is low. The tyre height of 185 55 R14 summer tyres affects the other hand a positive impact on ride comfort and cornering stability. The following applies: With increasing tyre height of ride comfort grows and deteriorates the cornering stability. A ratio of 55 has a positive effect on both attributes.

Optimal driving characteristics on dry and wet asphalt

In the area of 185 55 R14 summer tyres Convincing Yokohama S drive a superb wet grip. This is indicated in the EU tyre label with Class B (AG). In comparison, a vehicle with a class F tyres required on wet surfaces during emergency braking (80 km/h) up to 15 meters longer braking distance. For the good handling in wet and dry conditions in addition to the tyre size and the profile is responsible. Through deep longitudinal grooves and v-shaped extending transverse grooves water is under the summer tyre derived efficiently. Width outer disk additionally improve the stability and braking characteristics.

Owners of small and compact cars choose the dimension 185 55 R14 summer tyres than for an economical, convenient and highly secure Pneu. Cheap tyres of this size are available starting at 37 euros.

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