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175 70 R13 Car Summer tyres

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175 70 R13 summer tyres: Premium tyres for compact and small cars

The dimensions 175 70 R13 summer tyres than is offered mainly for small and compact cars. With its dimensions, the distinguished car tyre by a high driving comfort and low fuel consumption. The driving performance of the tyres convinces both on dry and on wet asphalt.

Low fuel consumption thanks to low rolling resistance

175 70 R13 summer tyres are extremely popular and are sold by a variety of manufacturers. From premium providers such as Bridgestone or Pirelli towards cheap alternatives like Sava and Nexen an appropriate tyres is available for every budget. Summer tyres in size 175 70 R13 convince including through short braking distances and a very precise handling. For this, in addition to the rubber mixture and the profile of the tread is responsible. This generated with their size sufficient rolling resistance for good traction. Likewise, the surface influences the energy efficiency of summer tyres : Rolling resistance is not too large, thus ensuring low friction, whereby the Kraftstofverbrauch and the mileage perform well.

Comfortable summer tyres Marangoni

In addition to the economy and the actual driving 175 70 R13 summer tyres inspire also by an excellent ride comfort. The car tyres have through their large tyre height and 13 inch inside diameter, a thick rubber layer. The rubber ensures that the car is attenuated effectively when driving over bumps. An excellent car tyres sized 175 70 R13 is the Marangoni E Logic . The summer tyre offers an excellent price-performance ratio and convinces with reliable behavior in any weather. The wet grip of the tyres is marked in Eu tyre label with Class C (AG). The car Marangoni tyres have the speed index T (up to 190 km/h).

The highest standards of comfort and efficiency makes the 175 70 R13 summer tyres the ideal choice for fuel-saving motorists. The tyres have low external rolling noise and offer a smooth running.

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