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175 65 R13 Car Summer tyres

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The dimensions 175 65 R13 summer tyres as: Comfortable tyres for compact and small cars

With the tyre size 175 65 R13 summer tyres as buyers get more fuel-efficient and comfortable tyres. Even with the braking and steering characteristics, the tyres can convince and thus ensure a high level of driving safety. Especially on small and compact cars, the appearance of coming tyres of this size to advantage.

Running Strong tyres for fuel saver

175 65 R13 summer tyres have a relatively small tread. This also the rolling resistance of the tyres falls from low, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption. In addition, the tyres have low wear and are thus particularly strong and. Furthermore guarantee summer tyres of size 175 65 R13 optimum ride comfort. The reason: With increasing tyre height the comfort improved as the tyre is made of a thicker rubber layer. Rubber has a damping effect, which is why vibrations and impacts are mitigated. The result is a smooth running with low tyre rolling noise. Pricewise 175 65 R13 summer tyres between 25 and 60 euros.

Excellent traction on wet and dry asphalt

A very good wet grip and an acceptable fuel consumption provides the tyre series Continental ContiEcoContact 3 175 65 R13 summer tyres. The quality tyres have an asymmetric tread pattern and a silica compound. The latter substantially improves the road holding on wet asphalt and at low temperatures. The tread pattern consists of several deep longitudinal grooves and wide outer disk. The longitudinal grooves transport water effectively, and decrease the risk of aquaplaning. Braking and driving stability of the summer tyres are however optimized by the outer disk. The wet adhesion of 175 65 R13 summer tyres from Continental is marked with the B (AG) class. Open to the tyres for a top speed of 190 km/h.

A good performance on wet and dry asphalt and a low fuel consumption convince 175 65 R13 summer tyres. Highly recommended: The tyre series Continental ContiEcoContact. 3

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