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165 70 R14 Car Summer tyres

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165 70 R14: A summer tyre in wide variety

With the dimension 165 70 R14 summer tyres as consumers will find a widespread tyre size for small cars. Vehicle models such as the Opel Corsa, Renault Clio or Suzuki Swift, which are numerous to be found in rural and urban areas. Since this is a smaller car tyres is, there is the advantage of a lower fuel consumption generally.

Matching variant for quiet driving style

Currently, more than 100 different models are available in size 165 70 R14 summer tyres as the market. Compared to other formats, choose the way you want it. The tyres are generally marked with the speed index T (up to 190 km/h). Consumers who prefer a quiet and comfortable driving style, find with this Pneu the suitable variant. Although this summer tyres does not support sporty driving style, this provides sufficient grip on dry and wet surfaces. The special construction and rubber compound ensures excellent braking performance in difficult situations, bringing the car remains controllable.

Test results positive

The variety of offerings brings consumers many advantages. The price difference of the tyre models is up to 55 euros per piece. Test results of the ADAC offer useful guidance and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of tyres with the dimensions 165 70 R14 summer tyres as apparent. The Test results for this format were very promising. Of 15 models tested, there was only one producer which was rated as poor. The test winner was the summer tyres Continental ContiEcoContact 5 which could convince in almost all criteria. In addition, the tyres of proving Michelin (Energy Saver), Pirelli (Cinturato P1), Apollo (Amazer 3G Maxx) and Barum (Brillantis 2) high-quality.

The Make 165 70 R14 summer tyres as promises driving pleasure at the highest level. A tyre of having to accept a low wear, fuel consumption, etc. ensures no loss in the range of handling depending on the manufacturer. Ideal for people who are looking for a cost-effective and cost-saving tyres.

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