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165 65 R14 Car Summer tyres

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165 65 R14 summer tyres: Pneus economic for small and compact cars

165 65 R14 summer tyres are laufstarke Normal tyres for vehicles in the small and compact cars. Its focus is in the areas of efficiency and driving comfort. Thanks narrower tread the risk of aquaplaning is also much lower than with wider tyre sizes.

The comfort increases with the tyre height

The trend for years toward the wide tyres, although normal tyres like the 165 65 R14 summer tyres offer substantial advantages in fuel consumption and comfort. The rolling resistance falls short of tyres with less tread. He counteracts the forward movement, more energy is required, which in turn the need for fuel can rise. When it comes to ride comfort on the other hand is one of the tyre height of summer tyres. Declared this is by a ratio which can be found in the center of the tyre identification. In the case of 165 65 R14 summer tyres thus is the 65. The height is therefore 65 percent of the tyre width, ie 107.25 mm (165 mm * 0.65). So larger the tyre height fails, the more comfort owns a car tyre. An additional advantage of smaller tyre size is also the cheaper price.

Balanced summer tyres Michelin

A good summer tyres in the size 165 65 R14 is, for example, the Michelin ENERGY SAVER PLUS . The Pneu offers very balanced properties and can convince both the fuel consumption and comfort as well as its handling characteristics. The wet adhesion of the radial tyre is the EU tyre label marked with class B and the energy efficiency of C. In addition, drop the rolling noise of the narrow tyres of low. Open to the 165 65 R14 summer tyres from Michelin for a top speed of 190 km/h.

Those who value a low fuel consumption and also on ride comfort could not live without, is very well served with 165 65 R14 summer tyres. The tyres convincing in both areas and offer depending on the series also excellent wet grip.

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