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With 165 65 R13 summer tyres powerful and safe on the road

Given the broad range of dimensions 165 65 R13 summer tyres on all you have to look far for a running strong and powerful models. All renowned manufacturers carry a summer tyre in this size in their range, so that even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with security.

Excellent adhesion reserves and innovative technologies

The dimension 165 65 R13 summer tyres located at manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin or Pirelli long Releases. Also worth mentioning is the I3 of the Finnish company Nokian , a model, which can also come up with a very good overall performance. So stands this inside-outside tyre with a sophisticated tread design, which in addition to wide grooves also includes strong outer shoulders. Thus, this boast 165 65 R13 summer tyres with very good adhesion reserves, which improves the stability enormously even in adverse weather and road conditions. Equally noteworthy are the acoustically optimized tread pattern and the many sound holes along the grooves, which significantly attenuates external noise and so ensures an excellent comfort. Add to that the high environmental compatibility of this model made by Nokian, since this is manufactured without the use of highly aromatic oils.

Good grip and safe handling

Even the Viaxer 1 of the French manufacturer Kleber boasts numerous positive operating characteristics. This model also belongs to the dimension 165 65 R13 summer tyres segment and offers unbeatable grip and secure handling, which is due to the sophisticated tread design with high density of lamellae. Moreover, these tyres impresses with its fast and efficient drainage, which further reduces the risk of aquaplaning significantly.

For the dimension 165 65 R13 summer tyres can benefit as the owner of a car from a comprehensive selection. Models such as the Viaxer 1 by adhesive or the Nokian I3 convince with a strong overall performance that makes every drive a special pleasure.

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