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165 60 R14 Car Summer tyres

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The size 165 60 R14: summer tyres in high quality and large selection

Car drivers can look forward to the extensive range of qualitative 165 60 R14er summer tyres. These are located in the range of many well-known manufacturers, so you quickly with superior and running strong Pneu for the summer can be found that fits exactly to your own wishes and ideas.

Comprehensive security and high mileage

The dimension 165 60 R14 summer tyres segment is currently offered by several renowned manufacturers such as Continental, Fulda or Goodyear. Mention is the Energy E3B 1 GRNX DOT08 of Michelin , a model that knows how to impress with its high mileage and comprehensive security. This is made possible by the high silica compound, which also ensures lower fuel consumption and a better economy. Moreover, this boast 165 60 R14er summer tyres with an innovative tread design, which improves braking in wet conditions considerably. By the homogeneity of the mixture and the high-quality ingredients is also catered for high mileage, which significantly enhances driving pleasure again.

Good grip and confident handling

With numerous positive driving properties of Brillantis 2 of can Barum boast. This model also belongs to the dimension 165 60 R14 summer tyres segment and confident so that security and stability not neglected with good grip and the sovereign handling even under difficult conditions. Moreover, one can as drivers benefit from the low rolling noise of this model from the home Barum what comfort particularly clear maximized on longer routes. For a perfect driving pleasure created therefore in all respects.

With an extensive product range, it is not difficult to find a summer tyres of the size 165 60 R14. Models such as the Energy E3B 1 GRNX DOT08 of Michelin or the Barum Brillantis 2 convince with a strong running performance and a good overall performance, which can hardly be desired.

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