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155 70 R13 Car Summer tyres

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Facts to 155 70 R13 summer tyres

Ideal for compact cars: 155 70 R13 summer tyres fit into a variety of car models. Agile in the city, reliable on the motorway, the summer tyres are suitable for all applications. What are its main features?

The main features of the summer tyre dimension

Whether 155 70 R13 summer tyres to the host vehicle fit, can be found in the vehicle registration document. A whole range of compact cars can be driven with summer tyres in this dimension. The tyres are 155 mm wide, the height of the sidewall is 70 percent of the width, the so-called aspect ratio is thus very well balanced. The diameter of the tyre is 13 inches rather low, however, fits well for narrow tyre width. Balanced handling, reliable in wet and in dry conditions, with a secure roadholding: So the proven radial tyre of this dimension in city traffic and on the highway.

Good summer tyres from every price segment

tyres sized 155 70 R13 are available in many different price ranges. Tests help motorists when choosing. In the summer tyre test of Stiftung Warentest cut about tyres from the series Continental EcoContact well off, as 155 70 R13 summer tyres from the series Hankook Optimo and summer tyre from Bridgestone. All tyres convincing in dry conditions as wet and also have good environmental properties. Also in the cheaper segment are to find good summer tyres this dimension that only provide a comfortable ride and good aquaplaning characteristics, for example, summer tyres from Barum .

Good summer tyres sized 155 70 R13 can be found in every price segment, favorable summer tyres as well as premium tyres. Ideal for the compact car tyres that are designed to provide good performance both in city traffic and on the highway are.

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