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155 65 R14 Car Summer tyres

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The size 155 65 R14 summer tyres as: Witschaftliche tyres for small cars

155 65 R14 summer tyres offer a number of advantages that come against mainly an economical driving style. At the same time the tyres have a high degree of ride comfort and superb driving characteristics. Good car tyres for vehicles of small cars are.

Low fuel consumption and high driving comfort

Those looking after car tyres with low fuel consumption, should always pay attention to only the tyre width. The narrower a tyre is, the lower its rolling resistance and this influences the energy efficiency. For this reason 155 65 R14 summer tyres are particularly economical. In addition, the wear of the tyres is low, so the mileage is increased. When it comes to ride comfort, the summer tyres performing equally well and, thanks to their great height for pleasant rides on wet and dry asphalt. The discreet appearance of the 155 65 R14 summer tyres is best on small cars to bear.

Excellent driving performance for the summer

The tyre series Michelin Energy E3B convinced than 155 65 R14 summer tyres by an excellent wet grip, comfort and a good energy efficiency. The radial tyres are particularly quiet, with a value of 69 decibels at the external rolling noise. In EU tyre label wet grip of Michelin tyres with Class B (AG) is specified. In comparison, a car with tyres of class F comes during emergency braking (80 km/h) on a wet road up to 15 meters later to a halt. The 155 65 R14 summer tyres reach their good driving performance including through the tyre tread. The midrib of summer tyres ensures more traction, the longitudinal grooves evacuate water under the tyre optimally and the slats improve driving stability and braking characteristics.

With the dimensions 155 65 R14 summer tyres as a high driving safety in wet and dry is ensured. At the same time the tyres guarantee a pleasant comfort and a fuel-efficient driving behavior.

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