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145 `80 R13 Car Summer tyres

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145 80 R13 summer tyres

When choosing the right summer tyre many choices to make. Cheap tyres, tyre brand or premium tyre? The ratio of price, safety and driving comfort has to be right. An important criterion is also the tyre size. Which vehicles fit 145 80 R13 summer tyres? What distinguishes Pneus this dimension?

Small and few tyres for city cars

145 80 R13 summer tyres are mainly for small cars and city car in question. They have a rather narrow width of 145 mm and a narrow diameter of 13 inches, converted 33.02 cm, the aspect ratio is 80 percent. According to the Customs size 145 80 R13 summer tyres large wheels can be mounted on 13 inch. Happy little are aluminum wheels selected, which also confer the narrow tyres a sporty look. The small summer models are ideal for city driving; the speed limit is usually at 190 km/h in the speed class T.

Large selection of 145 80 R13 summer tyres

145 80 R13 summer tyres are characterized by their particular maneuverability. This dimension is one of the standard sizes for small cars and is offered by many different manufacturers. Accordingly, different price ranges can be found, from very cheap models to high-priced premium tyres. In the tests known magazines these tyres are not so often put to the test as tyre for passenger vehicles, as in the dimension 185 60 R15 . Safe driving characteristics, excellent handling, and often a low fuel consumption have many of the 145 80 R13 summer tyres models.

Small, agile and ideal for city traffic: Who drives a spirited small car, often required 145 80 R13 summer tyres. The tyres of the small dimension perfectly able to run athletic; especially in the city, the excellent steering characteristics pay off.

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