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145 70 R13 summer tyres - quality models with good performance

Who is looking for a high quality summer tyres in the dimension 145 70 R13, which can look forward to a comprehensive and wide selection of different models in this area. So have countless manufacturers Summer tyres in this size that can come up with many positive runnability.

High grip and shorter braking distances

In addition to manufacturers such as Hankook, Michelin or Pirelli are also found in Vredestein or Continental 145 70 R13er summer tyres in its range. This also applies to Uniroyal from the US, which also presents the RainExpert a very high quality and running strong summer tyre in this size. This impresses with its excellent wet braking performance and the high grip, so that is safe and comfortable even in heavy rainfall on the go. Equally noteworthy are the shorter braking distances from this 145 70 R13 summer tyres, which increases the driving fun again to a considerable extent.

Strong mileage and excellent handling

With numerous positive running, even the 145 70 R13er Summer tyres Speed ​​can 616 by the renowned Swedish producer Gislaved boast. This impresses with its good performance even in higher speed ranges, so that you can benefit as a driver in addition to a very good grip of an excellent handling. Furthermore, this tyre is characterized by a fast and efficient water dispersion, thereby reducing the risk of aquaplaning considerably. For a perfect driving pleasure created therefore in all respects.

Who is looking for a powerful and strong running 145 70 R13 summer tyres, which is in view of the very good choice on the part of many well-known manufacturers certainly can find something suitable for his vehicle. So bribe models like the RainExpert Uniroyal or Gislaved Spped 616 with an excellent overall performance, so that made for a high fun.

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