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The Aeolus HN 805 - economy on the trailer

Even for trailer tyres can increase efficiency significantly - if the correct truck tyres selected. With its special properties of Aeolus HN 805 is one of the in each case right tyre.

High durability and extra profitability for the trailer operation

Although the Aeolus HN 805 is not designed for long-range use, but only for short to medium routes optimized, but in these areas it ensures its long service life, the build quality and the extremely even wear a high cost especially for commercial use. It offers good resistance to torsion and an excellent price per kilometer by the low rolling resistance - the truck summer tyres ranked in the fuel efficiency at least in Class C, so really excellent. For even greater economy, especially the manufacturer sustainability concepts ensure: The carcass guarantee that any money returns even when fully worn tyres, the Driveability Concept, which allows the use of new and retreaded tyres together, and the suitability of most carcasses , hot or cold retreads in a simple way to. The mileage of most models of Aeolus lies already without these options usually much higher than competitors, mileages for the tyres to be with the help of sustainability opportunities then rendered that are simply impossible elsewhere. With the ever increasing cost a good way to reduce costs, at least in the tyres clear without sacrificing solid security.

EU Label and European office

All tyre models the Chinese manufacturer Aeolus are certified with the EU label and comply with all applicable European regulations. The quality of the tyres of the top Chinese enterprise, able to compete with the best in the industry. A special emphasis is of Aeolus laid on longevity, durability and cost.

The Aeolus HN 805 is a tough, durable and enormously torsionsresistenter tyres for trailers. Due to its high quality and the sustainability concepts of the manufacturer it reaches an almost unsurpassable efficiency.


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