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Off-road summer tyres are commonly used for SUVs (sport utility vehicles). Off-road summer tyres are therefore designed with SUVs. In this case, special requirements must be met. These tyres must not only deliver optimum performance on the road but also on rough terrain. Off-road vehicles are generally equipped with four-wheel drive, which puts even higher demands on the tyres.

What requirements do off-road summer tyres have to meet?

For off-road summer tyres, special requirements apply. First and foremost, the tyres must be particularly durable. The higher weight of the SUV also places higher demands on the tyres. On the other hand, off-road summer tyres should not only provide optimum performance but also the best comfort and maximum driving safety – even at higher speeds. It is, however, possible to purchase high-quality off-road summer tyres at a reasonable price.

Leading manufacturers of off-road summer tyres and their special characteristics

Leading manufacturers of off-road summer tyres inlcude Bridgestone (with the Dueler H/P Sport model), Continental (with the Cross Contact UHP model), Hankook (with the Dynapro HP) and Pirelli (with the Scorpion Verde off-road summer tyres). Add to these Dunlop and Nokian. After several revisions to their off-road summer tyre, they are once again among the market leaders. Here, particular attention is paid to the rubber mixture. The tyres must perform well on gravel as well as grass, sand, and mud and demonstrate the best adhesion. Even on wet surfaces, the off-road summer tyres must prove themselves. In this regard, Dunlop tyres come out on top year after year. High-quality off-road summer tyres (which can currently be purchased at reasonable prices) have a relatively low rolling resistance, which also reduces fuel consumption. To this end, off-road characteristics and, of course, driving safety and handling are subjected to close scrutiny. Hear, Finnish manufacturer Nokian is slightly ahead when it comes to driving on wet surfaces – this is most likely due to the difficult overall weather conditions in Finland, which place higher demands on tyres. The leader of the aquaplaning test is almost always Bridgestone tyres. These are able to overcome the aquaplaning range much more quickly than competitors. However, when it comes to braking, these tyres are the slowest. On dry roads, Japanese off-road summer tyres often blow the competition away.

Off-road summer tyres are first tested for traction. The tyres are subjected to various surfaces and tested for grip. The driving safety of off-road summer tyres is not only tested under wet and dry conditions. The rolling resistance is tested.


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