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235 65 R17 Offroad tyres

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235 65 r17

The best 235 65 r17 tyres are used for SUVs and passenger cars. They are typically an all-season tyre, and most brands build them to last. They are also considered a light off-road tyre and are suitable for most weather conditions. Your average 235 x 65 x 17 tyres will perform better than average on icy roads, in the wet, and even in the snow.

What are 235 65 r17 tyres?

Your standard 235 x 65 r17 tyres are built for long-lasting performance. You can use them all year round, though they perform best in summer. They are rated as safe to use in the snow because they have enough traction and grip to brake successfully in snowy conditions. As a tyre with above-average levels of grip, they are a little louder than most on-road tyres, but it is only really noticeable if you are rolling the car through a warehouse that echoes. It is not a fuel-efficient tyre but is still marginally more fuel efficient than off-road tyres.

Pros and Cons of 235 65 17 tyres

When you buy 235 65 r17 tyres, you often get a long-lasting tyre. They are not as durable as off-road tyres, but if you take good care of them, then you get fairly good value for money when you consider that they are lower priced than many other varieties of tyre. Some have a reinforced sidewall and even the cheapest varieties of this tyre are good on wet surfaces. They excel on dry roads and in summertime conditions.

The downsides of your average 235 x 65 r17 tyres are what you would expect from a lower-middle priced tyre. They are loud, quite often louder than the promoted 69db (often around 71db), and they offer a middling amount of fuel efficiency. On the other hand, this is a popular tyre, so market forces have shunted prices down a little. When you pay less, it doesn't always mean lower quality tyres.

235 65 r17 tyres price

Your average 235 65 17 price is within the lower-middle range. If you are paying anything more than that, then you should probably search around for a better deal. Even at the 235 65 r17 tyres best price, these types of tyres are typically loud, they perform okay in all seasonal weather types, and they have an average fuel efficiency rating. Paying more than a lower-middle price is not going to buy you much extra.

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