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215/65 R16

Perhaps the best winter tyres to be found are 215/65 R16 if the users are looking forward to, or have been, driving in the snow. These include optimized direction control which maximizes amazing grip and traction for the tyres on snowy surfaces. Most of these from good brands come packed with winter tread compound to ensure quality in driving performance and reliability in the long run. In order to work with the high drainage groove for the purpose of draining snow and drive on muddy roads, these are designed with technology which allows for superior grip thus creating more braking and less accidents.

Based on an average review of 10,000 miles driven, the progressiveness of these remarkable assets remains 100%, with an outstanding road grip of 95% on wet surfaces and dry grip accounting for 90%. They boast a good life with excellent handling and steering. Managing a decent control in adverse weather conditions, they are up for a good life in the long run.

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