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255 55 R19 Offroad tyres

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255 55 R19 - modern tyres for off-road vehicles

tyres of size 255 55 R19 are evident above all in the field of their strong side. No wonder they are off-road tyres but equipped with numerous good running properties, which contribute to an unadulterated driving pleasure considerably with.

Innovative technology and high grip

Modern tyres of size 255 55 R19 are characterized by an innovative and newly developed technology, so they can come up with many good handling characteristics. For example, the manufacturer Continental developed for this tyre size numerous excellent models that could land in several tests on the front seats. No wonder Continental tyres of size 255 55 R19 may yet come up in all driving conditions with a very good handling and thoroughly convincing in terms of grip. But the tyres from other manufacturers which have this dimension, bribe often with their high efficiency and low fuel consumption, which is particularly attributable to the low rolling resistance.

High-quality tyres for off-road vehicles

Suitable tyres for off-road vehicles should be distinguished by a particularly good resilience - no wonder they are still widely used in the field. Therefore, care must be taken in the development and production of tyres with the size 255 55 R19 on the use of extremely good material, the durability and service life extended again. Meanwhile off-road tyres are different from recognized manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin offered or Bridgestone, so that one can choose from a wide range.

tyres of size 255 55 R19 are among the wide tyres, but still have a relatively high cross section. This allows them to come up with many good running properties. This optimizes the driving pleasure every time you use once again considerably.

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