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Since 1898, The Goodyear Tyre manufacturing company is the only company that is all about the innovation and quality in its product to provide the maximum benefit to its customers worldwide. It was named after the inventor of vulcanization process, Charles Goodyear to mark its status for excellence as the largest manufacturers of the world. It contains a highly skilled and well equipped staff of 69,000 people that manufactures product in around 52 facilities across 22 countries with the annum sale of 21 million $. It was the only company that manufactured the first pneumatic airplane tyre in 1909. It has a long history of manufacturing and working with formula 1 teams helping them win races. They are currently working on renewable biomass tyre. The best thing about it is that it looks beyond the limited world of tyre to explore new things like its inventions were used in artificial heart and food packaging.

Goodyear wrangler AT SA is the finest quality tyre with an innovative design. It is an off road, all terrain all season tyre manufactured specifically to be fitted in 4*4s and SUVs. Its pattern and design along with material from which it is made provides resistance against cut and advanced punctures. It provides an enhanced off road driving mud traction providing its driver with a strong and firm grip while steering. It has high comfort level providing a smooth driving experience with no noise at all. It has a very high dry and wet grip values which is present in balanced ratio to provide easy handling and straight line drive at accelerating speed. It has a low rolling resistance due to which it has less fuel consumption making it economical for use. Due to less noise and fuel efficiency it stands out as an environmental friendly product. It has a high progressiveness showing that it is recommended mostly for re-use and is preferred among its customers. It has a high wear value indicating that it increases wet and dry braking performance due to aquaplaning and prevent heat radiation at high speed.


Goodyear Wrangler AT SA

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