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With Pirelli all-season tyres through all seasons

Whether winter or summer tyres. Pirelli is a trusted and recognized manufacturer of rubber tyres for all types of vehicles. But even those who prefer all-season tyres, will find it in the range of Pirelli.

A tyre for all cases

The advantages of tyres for the whole year are obvious. The annoying changing tyres twice a year is omitted, there is only one set of wheels required and thus saves a lot of time and money. In addition, you have to worry about the storage of tyres that are not being driven. But this coin has two sides. Tests have repeatedly confirmed that all-season tyres in the wear, the braking performance and the traction not come close to good winter and summer tyres. The times in which the all-weather tyre but downright refused, however, are over. Who Pirelli all-season tyres come so questioned? They should be used for small or compact cars and are not suitable for SUVs or sports cars. Ideal Allrounder especially for city driving are. A wide selection of Pirelli all-season tyres may at Tyres.NET be found and compared.

Over 100 years experience for safe driving

The Italian group Pirelli produced since 1901 vehicle tyres and has blossomed into one of the most popular tyre brands. Known mainly through the use in racing, also in the motorcycle class , the Group makes every year revenues in the billions. The Pirelli all-season tyres P2500, of course, also in the selection of Tyres.NET be found, Pirelli has a product on the market, the customers have been in numerous individual tests for very well.

Who mainly in the city is on the way with his vehicle, all-season tyres should always draw as economical and practical alternative to winter and summer tyres in Recital. With Pirelli all-season tyres, the customer is well advised in many cases.

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