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225 40 R18 Car All-Season tyres

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225 40 R18 all-season tyres withstand sun, rain and snow

225 40 R18 all-season tyres are designed based on the latest findings, they invariably in all weathers and at all temperatures provides an equivalent level of safety, comfort and performance. No later than in temperate climates such as the local, the all-season tyres today reported are summer tyres and winter tyres almost equal. In terms of value for money, they are even superior to them.

225 40 R18 all-season tyres will save time and money

As with 225 40 R18 all-season tyres eliminates the annoying change tyres in spring and autumn, can save them a lot of time and not least money. But beyond that offer all-season tyres excellent value for money. This is first of all that it does not require a second set of tyres. It must also be noted that summer and winter tyres not only wear during driving, because even if it summer or winter are stored on useless in the garage or basement, the ravages of time on them.

Declaration on tyre specification

The brand-independent product specification 225 40 R18 states that it is the product is tyres in radial construction with a width of 225 mm, a pass rate of 40 percent (90 mm) and a rim diameter of 18 inches. It should be noted here that the tyre width is not measured on the tread, but at the actual widest point. The 90 mm of flank height explained by the fact that the second number is no size specified in the strict sense, but refers to the percentage ratio of the flank height to tyre width. The rim diameter in turn has relevance in choosing matching 18 inch rims .

225 40 R18 all-season tyres for cars and SUVs recommend ultimately all price-conscious motorists who want to feel in summer and in winter it without bothersome changing tyres always safe road.

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