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Goodyear all-season tyres - 365 days of safe on the road

The all-season tyres Goodyear ensure consistent traction in hot and cold temperatures. They are specially designed for motorists in regions with short winters.

Advantages and disadvantages of Goodyear all-season tyres

With their SmartTRED technology, in which most of lamellae in the tread center of the tyre, the all-season tyres Goodyear provide a consistent grip on warm as cold outside. Especially in slush and light snow tyres are all perfectly into the subsoil. The risk of aquaplaning is very low and the high mileage. In many regions, no tyre change is thus with all-season tyres all year necessary. In severe and long-term snow and ice conditions, the all-season tyres have however only limited traction. In this case, should the cold season necessarily winter tyres be used.

Good grip through sophisticated tyre technology

Especially in the leaf arrangement in the center of the tyre is the secret of the Goodyear all-season tyres. The wheel load is then transferred dynamically. On snow and ice-covered road in particular the tread center is used with the blades in this manner. On dry routes, however, the entyre tyre width is used. The special tread compound a perfectly uniform tread wear is to be ensured, which allows high mileage Goodyear winter tyres. Especially on wet roads there is often the risk of aquaplaning. Through the v-shaped tread Goodyear all-season tyres are derived water on the roadway optimally, thus reducing the risk of aquaplaning significantly.

In summary it can be said that Goodyear offer all-season tyres for regions with mild winters optimal alternative to the otherwise semi-annually become necessary tyre change. In regions with heavy snowfall and permanently low winter temperatures should continue to be made of the combination of summer and winter tyres. A comprehensive selection of tyres Goodyear you can find here at Tyres.NET.

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