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Note well for Bridgestone all-season tyres with Stiftung Warentest

Be on the road right in any weather good and above all safe, that creates the Bridgestone all-season tyres . Auto Bild magazine and Stiftung Warentest agree. Both awarded the score well for its good handling on wet roads.

Safe through all seasons

Bridgestone decades delivers high-quality tyres. The excellent performance of the tyre manufacturer is guaranteed by a consistent further development of the products. The all-season tyres impress with the special use of high quality casting. Only then run tyres Bridgestone all year balanced and extremely quiet. They adapt to the road conditions. Especially the short braking distance on wet roads convince the experts. Hardly any other tyre can simultaneously driving pleasure and safety in one package offer.

Driving pleasure

Finally, everyone wants motorists - whether in winter or summer - not only safely get from A to B. Also, the driving pleasure is an important factor when driving. tyres that are made to last, tyres that rotate silently, tyres always offer best grip both in summer and in winter, guarantee fun. Although the performance in snow some einbüsen driving pleasure. Still offers the Bridgestone all-season tyres for small cars with a tyre width of 185 best handling up to 210 kmh . It therefore fits perfectly to the driving preferences of different drivers. Whether sporty or cautious driving style - the Bridgestone all-season tyres does it all.

The Bridgestone all-season tyre offers the highest driving comfort on all roads and in all seasons. Small car with a tyre width of 185 found in this tyre a faithful, reliable companion.

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