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215 55 R16 Car All-Season tyres

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215 55 R16: An all-season tyre size for the compact and mid

The dimension 215 55 R16 all-season tyres as provides a good alternative to traditional summer or winter tyres are. No matter whether bidding on snowy road surfaces or at high temperatures, the Allseason-Pneus every season a pleasant ride comfort, without compromising the security of the handlebar.

Weather tyre with good performance

Compared to other tyre models are considered in the development of the finished product 215 55 R16 all-season tyres as numerous criteria. The versatile features are the strengthening of the all-weather tyre . Vehicles from the compact and middle class can be found along well usually on all soil conditions. Although these tyres do not reach the performance of a winter or summer tyre, but show how test reports from independent journals, the differences depend on the model only slightly. Currently, approximately 30 different models with a speed rating of T (up to 190 km/h) to V available in this tyre size (up to 240 km/h).

Excellent handling characteristics to meet safety criteria

Since the structure of the tread blocks to other types of tyres is different and needs to provide a good grip in all weather conditions, high-quality tyres are essential to move safely in traffic. For the dimension 215 55 R16 all-season tyres as are no test results, but offer similar formats useful guidance. Here the model Goodyear Vector 4Seasons shows excellent handling on dry, wet, icy and slushy roads. An all-rounder, which ensure good steering and braking properties safer. In the top field is also the tyre from Vredestein (Quatrac 3) which dealt with a very balanced performance various criteria.

The dimension 215 55 R16 all-season tyres as is an all-rounder, whose special profile design allows for good driving dynamics with changing weather. Speeds of up to 240 km/h manufacture no problem for this all season tyre. The perfect partner for car owners who do not want to devote the constant change of tyre itself.

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