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225 45 R17 Car All-Season tyres

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225 45 R17 all-season tyres as: traction Strong tyres for compact and medium range

The dimensions 225 45 R17 all-season tyres as offers sporty handling and comfort packaged in a handsome appearance. Particularly compact and midsize cars like the Audi A3 or Citroen C5 benefit from the distinctive design of the all-weather tyre.

Optimal handling and braking

Who is tyred that every year twice held ritual of tyre change, thinking about the acquisition of practical all season tyres after. Added to this is the pricing aspect: For a set of four all-weather tyres is usually less expensive than four winter and summer tyres. A direct comparison of all-season tyres were also able to convince many times with an equivalent performance when driving on snowy, wet and dry soils. For drivers with a sporty driving style, the 225 45 R17 all-season tyres are an ideal choice. Thanks to its wide tread the tyres are extremely high traction and shine with a precise steering and braking behavior. The reason is the increased rolling resistance of the tyre which has an improved traction result.

Good and inexpensive - The all-season tyres Nexen

Additional safety while driving there through the small cross section of the car tyres . This has a positive effect on the cornering stability of the vehicle. Where: To lower the cross-section the more optimum drivability in the curve. At the same time 225 45 R17 all-season tyres, however, also offer a high level of driving comfort. - A recommended tyre size 225 45 R17 is the Nexen N PRIZ 4S . The quality radial tyre is characterized by very good results in the wet grip and the fuel consumption. In addition, the 225 45 R17 all-season tyres Nexen to the cheapest part in its segment.

Go Sporty and safe - with the dimension 225 45 R17 of all season tyres segment this is guaranteed. The wide tread and the low cross-section ensure excellent handling. Furthermore feature Pneus this dimension of such an excellent ride comfort and an appealing look.

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