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Matador all season tyres offer quality through research

The traditional tyre brand can look back on a more than 100 year old history of the company. This was founded in 1905 in Bratislava and took in 1925 the production of tyres, which was continued in 1950 in Puchov in Slovakia. With the establishment of a private research institute in 1987, the product range of Matador has been continually developed by the latest technologies. Today Matador offers its customers vehicle tyres all classes and segments .

Matador all season tyres: tyres with high load capacity

The Matador all season tyres own for all and changing weather conditions. In heavy rain, hot summer weather or icy winter conditions the tyres meet the highest standards. The various road and weather conditions, the special directional tread profiles adapt without difficulty. They are the Matador winter tyres almost to nothing. Through intensive research and innovative techniques, the different conditions were taken for a year-round operation in line and optimized. A combination of high strength and flexibility are characteristic of the tyre and provide maximum safety even in the most adverse weather conditions. An excellent grip and stability also provide the driver with an excellent driving comfort and the necessary reliability.

Cheap quality tyres from Matador

Through years of research and the optimized production the company succeeds, tyres in all segments to expresses great prices offer and pass these on to its customers. Here Matador also relies on a particularly environmentally friendly production and has in the meantime the appropriate certification. The largest exporter of Slovakia has established itself increasingly in the tyre market through its quality-oriented production and can count on satisfied customers. The high power and longevity of tyres combined with a fuel-saving rolling resistance, these tyres combine an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Matador all season tyres offer top quality for a fair and reasonable price. A decision that is worthwhile.

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