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235 55 R17 Car All-Season tyres

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235 55 R17 all-season tyres: Sporting all-weather tyres for compact and midsize cars

235 55 R17 all-season tyres are the optimum choice for compact and midsize cars. Who pays particular attention to excellent handling in any weather conditions, can be accessed safely here. In addition, the delight car tyres through a consistent look.

Strong traction tyres for all weather

235 55 R17 all-season tyres are optically absolutely worth seeing and lead to compact and midsize cars like the Mercedes C-Class or the BMW 35i for a distinctive, sporty appearance. Here convince particularly the low cross-section of all-season tyres and the 17-inch inside diameter, which is designed for 17-inch wheels. In addition to the appearance, but also include the skills: A high traction ride with precise handling and excellent braking performance as well as a first-class cornering stability speak in 235 55 R17 all-season tyres for itself. Responsible for the convincing attributes the mixture of wider tread and medium-sized tyre height.

Nankang N 607 AS: Short braking distances, precise handling and optimum cornering stability.

The manufacturer Nankang has its tyres series N 607 AS in the dimension 235 55 R17. The all season tyres points especially in the handling and points here a superb driving and braking in the rain, snow and drought. An advanced tread water and mud through deep longitudinal grooves are effectively derived, for example. Width outer disk in the shoulder region on the other hand ensure sufficient stability and also optimize the braking performance. In addition, the traction is improved by using a continuous center rib. The 235 55 R17 all-season tyres Nankang reach the Class B (AG) in the wet adhesion in the EU tyre label. Open to the tyres with a speed up to 240 km/h.

Short braking distances, a precise handling and a strong traction characterize the 235 55 R17 all-season tyres. Owners of compact and midsize cars can look forward to at this size on both optically superb driving tyres. Recommended include the Nankang N 607 AS.

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