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215 50 R17 Car All-Season tyres

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215 50 R17 all-season tyres: Comfortable tyres for small and compact cars

Traction Stark, fuel-efficient and - especially on small and compact cars - visually very impressive, these three characteristics distinguish 215 50 R17 all-season tyres and turn them into real all-rounders. Moreover, are all-season tyres for high speeds of up to 240 km/h designed.

The happy medium in the tyre design

A wide tread and a small cross-section are always excellent conditions for fast and powerful car tyre . Especially in summer, wide tyres are preferred by many car drivers, as they guarantee a precise handling and short braking distances. Narrower tyres are however in winter the better choice, because they have on snowy and icy roads a better grip. 215 50 R17 all-season tyres peck from both variants, the best features out there and take in the dimension of the golden mean. With their tyre width of 215 millimeters, the tyres generate a high rolling resistance while driving. This has a positive effect on all the drivability of: handling, traction and braking performance. At the same time the tyre width is however chosen such that the profile of the tyres can effectively engage in snow and ice.

Fuel-saving all-weather tyre of hankook

The tyre height of 215 50 R17 all-season tyres ensures good cornering stability, which improves with flatter Pneu. But the ride comfort can inspire the tyre size. Optical guarantee the inner diameter of 17 inch and the width and height of the small or compact car for a sporty appearance. - A buy recommendation in the 215 50 R17 all-season tyres segment is available for the Series Hankook Optimo 4S H730 . The high-quality tyres equally popular in fuel consumption as well as in the wet adhesion and are also very smoothly.

An optimal driving performance in snow, rain and sunshine is given absolute with 215 50 R17 all-season tyres. In addition, the tyres inspire with a high level of comfort and can convince example as tyre series Hankook Optimo 4S H730 the subject fuel.

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