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Dimension 205 70 R15: An all-season tyre-size high quality

All-season tyres of size 205 70 R15 are characterized by a high traction strength, good braking performance and excellent driving comfort. Whether in snow, rain or shine, Pneus this dimension always ensure a safe driving experience for small and compact cars.

Optimum handling and excellent braking characteristics

At first glance, 205 70 R15 all-season tyres look rather insignificant, but the tyres convincing performances. Where they lack sporty look because they are catching up by superb driving properties and in any weather. Thanks to a tyre width of 205 millimeters build the all-season tyres while driving to a high rolling resistance. This traction is again improved and therefore traction, handling and braking. At the same time the tyre width is selected such that 205 70 R15 all-season tyres are also economically. For the fuel consumption depends inter alia on the width of the tread, or the already mentioned rolling resistance.

First-class handling characteristics thanks to efficient tyre tread rubber compound and balanced

Comfortable it is in 205 70 R15 all-season tyres, thanks to the relatively large tyre height. With a ratio of 70 (70 percent of the tyre width), the rubber layer of tyres is particularly thick, whereby vibrations are damped. In addition, the external rolling noise of weather tyres are rather low. A prime tyres sized 205 70 R15 is the Hankook Optimo 4S H730 . With its combination of optimum dimensions, efficient tyre tread and balanced rubber compound having car tyres the best conditions for excellent handling. In EU tyre label does it manifest itself through a class C marking (AG) in the energy efficiency and wet grip.

205 70 R15 all-season tyres made visually on vehicles of small and compact cars make the best impression. The driving characteristics of the tyres are balanced. In addition, the tyres are distinguished by their low fuel consumption. Recommended is the tyre series Hankook Optimo 4S H730.

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