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195 65 R14 all-season tyres: First-class all-rounder for the compact and mid

The 195 65 R14 all-season tyres are characterized by a comfortable ride and excellent handling. Especially on snowy road convince the tyres by a top performance, thus ensuring maximum safety.

Maximum driving safety on snowy roads

They are a lot and large - the claims of all-season tyres are made: whether to red-hot or fully-covered asphalt, the performance must always be right. To ensure that all challenges can be overcome, not only must the rubber compound and convince the tyre tread, but also the size. Use the width and height of the tyre and the inner diameter can and will comfort, handling and fuel efficiency of tyres significantly affected. The strengths of 195 65 R14 all-season tyres are mainly in fuel consumption, the comfort and the handling characteristics on snowy roads.

The Nankang N 607 AS: The level of comfort and excellent wet grip

With a width of 195 mm, the rolling resistance is relatively low, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption. Furthermore, the vehicle weight is distributed on little tread, whereby the surface pressure increases. In winter, the result is that the car tyres sinking into the snow and can grasp better the profile. Thanks to the tyre height inspire 195 65 R14 all-season tyres even when it comes to comfort. The rubber layer increases with the height of the tyre. Since rubber dampens the ride comfort is thus increased. Recommended tyre series this dimension include the Nankang N 607 AS . The tubeless radial tyres are marked in the EU tyre label for wet grip with Class B (AG).

195 65 R14 all-season tyres to score in all areas through good results and thus are genuine all-rounders. Who is looking for practical all-weather tyre for the compact or midsize car, should choose 607 AS, for example for the Nankang N.

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