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195 50 R16 Car All-Season tyres

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Whether searing heat or bitter cold: 195 50 R16 all-season tyres

195 50 R16 all-season tyres can be used in both summer and winter. They therefore represent them, the annual replacement of tyres. However, you should think twice before buying, if you do not with 225 45 R17 all-season tyres perhaps goes better.

The search for the right tyres

To know whether 195 50 R16 all-season tyres are the best choice, you have to know the meaning of the tyre specification. The first number represents the nominal width of the unloaded tyre, which in this case is 195 mm. However, it should be noted that the width is not measured on the tread, but at the widest part of the tyre. The second number gives information on the flank height, ie the distance from the bottom up to the rim . This does not mean that the flank height of 195 50 R16 all-season tyres is 50 mm. Instead, the number to the percentage ratio of the flank height refers to the width of the tyre. Thus, the all-season tyres have an actual edge height of just 97.5 mm. R16 means that it is all-season tyres in radial construction with a rim diameter of 16 inches.

All-season tyres are all season tyre

Since 195 50 R16 all-season tyres are made of special materials that can harm them neither excessive heat nor freezing cold or large temperature fluctuations. In addition, have all-season tyres in a special tread design, thanks to which they provide a good grip on both dry and on wet roads. Even with snow and ice, they can be used safely. In areas with harsh winters and fairly long snow but should be resorted to pure winter tyres might nevertheless.

Thanks to the latest findings and the latest technology are today 195 50 R16 all-season tyres, at least in the local latitudes a genuine alternative to summer and winter tyres.

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