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195 50 R15 Car All-Season tyres

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195 50 R15 all-season tyres: The best choice for any weather

195 50 R15 all-season tyres are a very popular and frequently represented dimension in the segment car tyres. They offer balanced driving in rain, sunshine and snow and a good mix of comfort and cornering stability.

Top performance through optimal conditions

An important aspect when choosing an excellent all-season tyres is the dimension. By determining the width, height and the inner diameter of the foundation for first-class all-weather tyre is placed. The size 195 50 R15 all-season tyres as an optimum choice and has several reasons: Use the tyre width traction of a vehicle is influenced and thus also the braking and steering behavior and traction. Wide treads guarantee on dry and slightly wet asphalt excellent traction, but losing grip when it comes to snow and ice. Narrow tyres behave exactly reversed. 195 50 R15 all-season tyres go with their width the perfect intermediate path and benefit from all the positive properties alike.

A convincing blend

For driving comfort, however, the tyre height is responsible. The following applies: The larger the tyre height, the more vibrations are damped and the more stable the ride. However, decreases with increasing altitude, the cornering stability, which is bad especially for a sporty driving style. With a tyre height of 97.5 millimeters (195 mm * 0.5) land 195 50 R15 all-season tyres and here in the golden mean. This is a high level of comfort as well as given a maximum of safety when cornering. - In the area of 195 50 R15 all-season tyres, among other cuts the tyre series Vredestein QUATRAC LITE from with very good results - at the wet grip, fuel consumption and the external rolling noise.

The dimensions 195 50 R15 all-season tyres as provides the perfect conditions for demanding all-weather tyres. Recommended are, for example, the tyres of the series Vredestein QUATRAC LITE.

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