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195 45 R16 Car All-Season tyres

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195 45 R16 all-season tyres - Information on the tyre dimension

change every year from summer tyres to winter tyres and vice versa - or rather go with all-season tyres? Even all-weather tyres prove to be quite reliable companion through all weather conditions, particularly in the small to medium dimensions. Drivers of midsize cars who want to save the tyre change may have recourse, for example, at 195 45 R16 all-season tyres.

Moderate and versatile tyres

What is behind 195 45 R16 all-season tyres? If these numbers on a tyre, this means that the tyres are 195 mm wide, the ratio of width and height is 45 percent of the diameter of 16 inches. In addition, there is radial tyres , that's what the R in front of the diameter specified. With this size, the weather tyres are rather moderate and versatile. Especially for vehicles in the lower middle class to acquire the 195 45 R16 all-season tyres, are characterized by a good road from, thanks to a good ratio of bearing surface and diameter.

Even for the winter an alternative

The amount of all-weather tyres is only 45 percent of the width. This means that 195 45 R16 all-season tyres unusually deep. This tyre size is therefore not as widespread as the more typical mid-size tyre size 195 60 R15 . Nevertheless, motorists can rely on reliable all-season tyres on a large supply. Thus, the tyre can be driven even in winter, they must be marked with the M + S symbol, just like full-fledged winter tyre. This indicator is a steady performance on ice and snow.

195 45 R16 all-season tyres are the choice for those who want to be on the go all year athletic and want a dynamic look for their car. The sporty appearance complement aluminum wheels optimally.

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