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185 65 R15 Car All-Season tyres

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185 65 R15 all-season tyres - the most important facts

From October to Easter winter tyres be driven, mounted the remainder of summer tyres - or you just opts for all-weather tyre designed to ensure safety in every season. 185 65 R15 all-season tyres are suitable for larger compact car and the lower middle class.

Versatile all-weather tyre

185 65 R15 all-season tyres are suitable for a number of widely used vehicles, such as the VW Polo and other cars of this class. So there are more small and compact cars, which are equipped with these tyres safely. With a width of 185 mm, the weather tyres are rather narrow, the diameter is 15 inches. The aspect ratio corresponds to 65 percent, and of course it is, as in most car tyres to radial tyres. This dimension is not as common as all-season tyres of the size 185 60 R15 , nevertheless it is a common size and is offered by many manufacturers accordingly.

Safe grip in any weather

185 65 R15 all-season tyres are summer and winter can be driven safely alike. For this they must offer a firm grip and good traction on dry roads, in the wet and slippery roads. Winter-ready weather tyre must also be marked with the M + S symbol to be moved to Germany in the winter must. In fact, there are many tests all season tyres the snow test, including favorable weather tyre of Toyo brand , as well as the brand competition from Bridgestone, Dunlop and Vredestein.

In good all season tyres, drivers can actually leave throughout the year, but living in a little snowy regions especially. Cart compact middle class are good with 185 65 R15 all-season tyres on the road leading to car wheels of 15 inch diameter fit.

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