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185 60 R15 Car All-Season tyres

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185 60 R15 all-season tyres: Optimal performance in all weather conditions

The measure 185 60 R15 all-season tyres as distinguished by a smooth running and low fuel consumption and excellent handling characteristics on snowy, wet and dry asphalt. Particularly useful are all-weather tyre that dimension for vehicles of small and medium class.

A good choice for small and medium-sized cars

Those looking for all-season tyres are outfitted especially in freezing temperatures through outstanding operating performance, should opt for the size 185 60 R15. The tyre width of 185 millimeters SOGT ensure that the tyre deep sinks on snow-covered ground. This allows the tyre tread optimum grip and the vehicle has a sufficient amount of traction. convince tyres this size but also in other weather conditions. So the narrow tread minimized during heavy rains the risk of aquaplaning and thus guarantees a safe ride. In addition, the tyres show very economical and inspire with a low fuel consumption. The excellent driving comfort is however possible by the height of the tyre.

Good weather tyre series Nexen N PRIZ 4S

The choice of tyre model in size 185 60 R15 includes a variety of manufacturers from all price segments. With excellent results in the wet grip and the energy efficiency convince Nexen N PRIZ 4S . The high-quality radial tyres have an effective tread pattern, which consists of several tread blocks and has a continuous center rib. The center rib ensures good traction strength that comes to fuel consumption to Good. By tread blocks 185 60 R15 all-season tyres have even on difficult ground (ice, snow, rain) good traction. In addition, the blocks form a plurality of longitudinal grooves, which derive water effectively. Open to the Nexen tyres for speeds of up to 210 km/h.

185 60 R15 all-season tyres are economical, efficient and comfortable. Thanks narrower tread the tyres have a high degree of safety on snow and wet roads. Recommended is the tyres Nexen N series PRIZ 4S.

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