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185 60 R14 Car All-Season tyres

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185 60 R14 all-season tyres - the generalist on entyre route

All-season tyres are also called all-weather tyres, since they can be operated throughout the year. The costly tyre change from summer to winter tyres and vice versa falls out with these tyres. And yet offer 185 60 R14 all-season tyres all year round driving safety and protection. The 185 60 R14 all-season tyres here has a tyre width of 185 mm and a cross section of 60 mm. The code R14 means that the tyre is constructed radially and having an inside diameter of 14 inches.

Optimum handling both wet as well as dry

A balanced all-season tyre for small, compact and middle class has, for example, with its Pirelli P 2500 EURO 4S M + S . The innovative tread design an optimized handling on wet and dry surfaces with maximum ride comfort and safety arise. Through an advanced Silicia mixture of 185 60 R14 all-season tyres driving with extremely good grip, whether summer or winter. By fine sipes in the tread of the tyre improved winter performance and high aquaplaning reserves has due to the orbital narrow longitudinal grooves.

Excellent ride comfort even at high speed

The 185 60 R14 all-season tyres have a radial tyre, like the radial tyres are also called, an excellent ride comfort. The layers of the carcass are arranged in 90 ° angle, and therefore perpendicular to the running direction. With excellent driving comfort and high security for all four seasons convincing example of Kumho Solus KH21 FOUR M + S . He can master almost all weather conditions in the city and in the country and is often driven in urban areas especially.

The 185 60 R14 all-season tyres is the perfect alternative to summer and winter tyres of the corresponding dimension. Although it has no direct specialization, it is an all-rounder in all weather conditions, even in mud and snow.

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