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185 55 R14 Car All-Season tyres

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185 55 R14 all-season tyres - tyres for summer and winter

Why all season tyres? The all-weather tyres have the advantage that the driver is spared them the biannual changing tyres. Good all-season tyres can convince with safe driving characteristics while both in summer and in winter. Registered 185 55 R14 all-season tyres are suitable for the compact class and the lower middle class.

Versatile all-weather tyres for many vehicle models

185 55 R14 all-season tyres are particularly versatile models. Not only do they prove themselves the whole year through with a firm grip on dry and wet roads and a safe handling on wet surfaces; they can also be driven with a plurality of cars. Its width is 185 mm, so that they are suitable for compact and moderate medium-sized cars. Balanced is the aspect ratio of 55 percent, a comfortable ride ensures the tyre diameter of 14 inches. Situated waves they are on car wheels , also of 14 inch diameter.

Safe driving in winter

In tests, many all-season tyres show a good and balanced side and score even in wintry conditions with short braking distances. These include the all season tyre from Vredestein and Goodyear, both do well in AutoBild Test. Especially small and medium tyre dimensions, as just 185 55 R14 all-season tyres, apply in all weather area as safe. For larger dimensions the tyres quickly lose grip, which is noticeable on smooth roads. For compact cars and mid-size vehicles but weather tyres are a safe alternative.

All season tyres up to size 205 55 R16 are loud tests as reliable and winterized alternative to maturity changes. With 185 55 R14 all-season tyres motorists are therefore in both summer and winter safely.

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