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175 70 R13 Car All-Season tyres

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175 70 R13 all-season tyres: High comfort and excellent handling characteristics

Anyone looking for high-performance car tyres for the whole year, the 175 70 R13 all-season tyres should take a closer look once. The tyres provide excellent ride comfort and appear especially in winter at their best. Optical get the tyres on small and compact cars very good effect.

First class all season tyre for small and compact cars

The dimension of a tyre initially decide on its basic properties. Thus, the tyre width acts, for example positive or negative effect on the grip. In turn, handling, traction and braking properties are affected. however, the ride comfort and cornering stability is determined regarding the amount of Pneus. In the course of all attributes using individual rubber compounds and tread patterns can be optimized. A solid foundation for first-class all-season tyre has the dimension 175 70 R13. The high altitude produces a smooth running by the existing rubber of tyres attenuates possible vibrations. For great handling characteristics in snow, rain and sunshine ensures the tyre width of 175 millimeters. This generates enough rolling resistance for good traction and also gewährleitstet sufficient grip on snowy asphalt.

Maximum driving safety throughout the year

175 70 R13 all-season tyres are offered among others by manufacturers such as Hankook Vredestein or. A particularly recommendable Pneu in this segment is the Maxxis MA AS . When driving performance, comfort and fuel consumption, the all-season tyres can measure up to the competition series of well-known manufacturers without further notice. At the same time the tyre series of Maxxis but convinces with a much better price-performance ratio. In addition, the mileage of the tyres is higher than average.

Short braking distances, appealing comfort and the environment in any weather: the requirements of first-class all-weather tyres is high, but the 175 70 R13 all-season tyres satisfy all. Very positive is the tyres Maxxis MA series AS in this dimension.

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