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175 65 R14 Car All-Season tyres

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175 65 R14 - an all-season tyre size for small cars

Anyone who owns a small car and this died only for certain purposes, is a weather tyre well advised. The dimension 175 65 R14 all-season tyres as ideal to be found a good grip in dry, wet, icy conditions. The grip in the most diverse weather conditions can bring many benefits, have access to consumers for itself.

Price of the tyre hardly meaningful

With the Make 175 65 R14 all-season tyres as consumers can make a very flexible purchasing decision. Countless tyre models of unbranded and premium manufacturers. Unlike summer or winter tyres the performance of different tyres does not always correspond to the requirements to ensure a comfortable ride. show test results, but that price is only conditionally decisive for the quality, the customer receives, so a detailed comparison is recommended. Significant This is AutoBild basis of a report of the magazine.

tyre models that provide security and stability

Unlike other tyre models, the dimension 175 65 R14 must withstand as all season tyres numerous requirements. For best results, premium manufacturers such as Goodyear and Hankook good values ​​but also cheaper manufacturers (Sava) established themselves among the best. The most balanced performance showed the model Goodyear Vector 4Seasons could convince in all areas. Second place went to the Sava Adapto which had snow and wear low weaknesses only in the criteria. Third place went to the Hankook Optimo 4S H730.

The Make 175 65 R14 all-season tyres as promises driving pleasure all year. Who appreciates road safety, should consider the choice of tyres in advance. Chinese manufacturers are showing partly questionable results. A comfortable ride that leaves something to be desired. With the weather tyres from Goodyear, Hankook and Sava find consumers a reliable companion.

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