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175 65 R13 Car All-Season tyres

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Always well tucked up - the 175 65 R13 all-season tyres

He can not harm it. Mud, snow, rain or hot asphalt - the all-season tyres is always the right grip. The all-rounder of the tyre, such as the popular all-weather tyre from Hankook , make the motorists life easier: Without conversion, new purchase, storage problems with the season tyres that make 175 65 R13 all-season tyres good job - 12 months a year.

The comprehensive package of rubber

The all weather tyre driven in any season. In the spring, summer, autumn and winter, they defy the seasons and relieve them of the many problems that brings the annual dual exchange the tyres with it. Who is not depend on creating the vehicle, in the winter can do without car rides sometimes or who mainly moves in regions where can be expected only moderate weather dips which can confidently rely on the 175 65 R13 all-season tyres. The narrower tyres of 175mm width shows their strengths and pitfalls particularly on snow and wet roads. Compared to the wide tyres make the narrow all season tyres a higher single pressure on the lining and flus is really deep in ice and snow. The risk of aquaplaning and Slushplaning decreases, however, the braking distance is extended over a wider tyres.

Allrounder for compromise Ready

The all-season tyres basically have more running noise than the summer tyres, which also provide a smoother ride and steering stability. In the fuel all season tyres is slightly above the summer tyres, however, less fuel is consumed than with attached winter tyres. The narrow 175 65 R13 all-season tyres are, however, against the wide tyres at an advantage because their tyre resistance is lower and thus their fuel consumption. The wear of the all-season tyres also is slightly higher, while hardly differ, the prices of all-weather tyre of which the season-colleagues. In the hardness tests on snow, ice or hot pavement cut 175 65 R13 all-season tyres, such as the models of Vredestein , from mostly the middle group of participants. In the not too high engine power and moderate riding it comes with the narrow 175 65 R13 all-season tyres well to make ends meet, because the lower bearing surface - although better protection against aquaplaning - loses in curves faster adhesion.

relieving the budget - for city dwellers and those who are not necessarily in the most severe onset of winter must be on the road, the all-season tyres and suitable. Also in the selection of steel and aluminum wheels must not be saved, because these issues are when driving with all-season tyres once. The 175 65 R13 all-season tyres are a convenient solution that is technically and practically driving quite able to keep up with the summer and winter tyres - as long as the road conditions remain in the frame.

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